Support our organic and locally-grown tea from the Agricultural Social enterprise; Suan Bua Chompoo At Jomkiri , Chiangdao , Chaingmai Thailand 

Distributed to you by Specialty Story’s social mission “Mountain • People • Planet”


Our herbal tea are 100% organic and 

* No bleaching agent

* No sulphur added

* No preservative

* Naturally caffeine free


Sipping our herbal mountain tea collection ; full leave full flower, freshly brewed to your cup, this is not only just a cup of tea but it helps expanding our platform that bridge smaller Thai agricultural farmers to the world market; forming a special connection with our Mother-nature.


1.Organic Rose Tea

Our Organic Rose Tea has memorable pronouncing aroma and light sweet taste. 

It is harvested at our organic farm every morning when it is young to preserve the full quality of the Rose. Believed to promote relaxation, glowing skin complexion , enhance overall beauty and work well as a light herbal laxative drink for a healthy balanced lifestyle.

Organic Rose Tea-whole and Petal

100 Grams