2-3 g. for 100 ml.

90 - 95 C

3-5 min. cover with lid or leave for 20 minutes for stronger infusion

Mountain Ginger whole slices have a fuller flavor with lingering sweet aromatic gingery taste. The healing of ginger –grown by the hill people are solar dried– one of the ginger effects is to nourish those with a busy and active lifestyle. 

This is especially beneficial to the people constantly exposed to the harsh environment of cold and dry air in the office.


50 g. in Reusable Pouch Pack (White Pouch) 3 layers lamination to keep away the moisture and light) for the best freshness and aroma. 520 BHT

30 g. in Reusable Square Tin Box , come with woven Bamboo Turtle, all reusable.350 BHT

30 g. in Reusable Paper Tube with wood lid 250 BHT

*Each time can brew for 2-3 serving ( estimately can serve 30 brewing rounds)

Ginger 30 g./ 薑山玫人/ชาขิงภูเขา