2- 3 g. for 100 ml.

80 - 85 C

3-5 min. cover with lid

White tea is often regarded a highly prized rarity due to the selective use of fine silvery white unopened tea buds. This is even rarest the white tea is made with buds and young leaves of wild ancient tea trees 古树.  

The taste and flavor is purest because the tea undergoes the least process (i.e., wither and dry), vs all other tea types such as oolong or red tea. It is therefore delicate in flavor but known to pack with antioxidants - purest and simplest.

tea profile: sparkling light yellow with a rosy tint, fresh & delicate with a hint of sweet flora note and soft finish.


8 g. in Reusable Square Tin Box , come with woven Bamboo Turtle, all reusable. 320 BHT

8 g. in Reusable Paper Tube with wood lid 220 BHT


*Each time can brew for 2-3 serving ( estimately can serve 30 brewing rounds)


Gushu White Tea 8g./ ชาขาวจากยอดใบชาป่า ต้นชาทวด 200 ปี