2- 3 g. for 100 ml.

90 - 95 C

3-5 min. cover with lid

a joint cooperation under fair trade practice with Lahu hill people who have been living in this mountainous area at elevation of 1400m+, near border of Northern Thailand and Myanmar.

These are Assam tea trees grown in the wild as part of the natural heritage of the Lahu hill people. Typically, these are made into puer tea (普洱) but rarely they are made in to red tea. Due to its unique aroma, we have created this rare and unique red tea - only 1 shoot 2 leaves (一心两叶) are handpicked and harvested in early spring. 

Its aroma is forest berries with a round body and finishes with a sweet alpine note - a true taste reminiscent of a tropical high mountain rain forest.


30 g. in Reusable Pouch Pack (White Pouch) 3 layers lamination to keep away the moisture and light) for the best freshness and aroma. 480 BHT

15 g. in Reusable Square Tin Box , come with woven Bamboo Turtle, all reusable. 420 BHT

15 g. in Reusable Paper Tube with wood lid 320 BHT


*Each time can brew for 2-3 serving ( estimately can serve 30 brewing rounds)

Gushu Lahu Red Tea 30 g./ 古树红茶/ ชาแดงจากยอดใบชาป่า ต้นชาทวด 200 ปี